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A Curious Experiment


You navigate the world via your tastebuds, finding yourself in backwoods bakeries, rooftop restaurants and tiki-themed speakeasies. But while loving such unique events and attractions, there’s a simple thrill in photographing a perfectly-plated Cacio e Pepe.


You see the universe through your third-eye. There’s a mind-body awakening you achieve through sunrise yoga, meditation and the pleasures of a hot stone massage. Your love for others is shown by sharing how you practice wellness.


You not only love sports and attend live games, you thrive on the thrill of competing against others. You’re the first to admit that to achieve any goal, you have to truly believe you can do it. And that’s what you do, time and time again.


You prefer surfing the Pacific over surfing the Internet. Your phone is a distant second to a walk through the woods, or catching a sunrise from the mountaintop. The path you take is nearly invisible, leading others to wonder if anyone’s gone this way before.


You love traveling just to see something you never have before. It’s this discovery of culture that pulls you toward sculpture gardens and performances in every community. No matter what you’re immersed in, it’s the experience you crave most.

We filmed, followed and even genetically tested people to define the driving force behind curiosity. Our experiment yielded a surprise—a specific way to evaluate how being curious plays a role in travel. Start now to discover where it will lead you next.

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